What's HOT on International Men's Day 2023 at ICOM?
What's HOT on International Men's Day 2023 at ICOM?
2023-11-17 08:00:00

Men's Day - 19/11 "knocked on the door," the ICOM sisters quickly prepared surprise and exciting gifts for the ICOM "gods"!

For a long time, ICOM brothers and sisters have always shown care for each other on days that honor the beauty. Cherishing that sincerity, International Men's Day is an opportunity for sisters to express their "wholeheartedness," honor, and promote "gender equality" to the gentlemen of the company.

In the days leading up to this, the sisters' chat group enthusiastically selected ideas for organizing an event for the brothers that would be warm, impressive, and "oh, truly surprising!" So, from yesterday, the sisters eagerly bought things, wrapped gifts with superior cleverness. The sisters also specially asked the security guards to lock the doors to the building under the basement to ensure that all the brothers would move through the main hall entrance. And a challenging task for the sisters was to keep it a secret.