We are keeping up with and leading the technology market trend by focusing on developing a loyalty ecosystem: a customer care program that retains customers and provides solutions for point accumulation, member classification, and reward redemption. From there, we help personalize the customer experience, improve service quality, and increase benefits for partner brands within the ecosystem.

Smart payment

VITAPAY is an e-wallet service that provides features such as money transfer, mobile top-up, game top-up, bill payment, and cash in/out anytime, anywhere. Users can download the VITAPAY app on their smartphones and use this e-wallet to perform online transactions easily and conveniently. VITAPAY ensures the security of users' personal information through multiple layers of security and various technological solutions.

Green solutions

This is an ecosystem created with the mission of helping users raise awareness about environmental protection through products and services within the ecosystem. ICOM aims to provide optimal solutions for energy efficiency and fuel-saving, reducing pollution emissions, and creating a sustainable "green" environment for future generations.

Creative Gaming

VITA Game is a mobile game production company that is currently developing with many ambitions. VITA Game is ready to collaborate with game developers in Vietnam and internationally to bring Vietnamese game products to the global market.

Communication Channel

Media channels: EmdepTV on YouTube, a system of fanpages with millions of followers, provide readers with information on various fields such as lifestyle, entertainment, beauty, parenting, green living... accurately, quickly, and in a style that suits the 4.0 era's public approach. We constantly innovate to meet the public's needs and bring good values to society.

Incremental service (VAS)

We collaborate with major telecommunications corporations in Vietnam (Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone) to provide value-added services to millions of mobile users.