ICOM wishes you a Happy New Year!

2024-02-15 09:00:00

ICOMERS celebrates the spring of the year of the Dragon, full of enthusiastic labor spirit.

In the cheerful and exciting atmosphere of the new spring, this morning on February 15, 2024 (the 6th day of the lunar New Year), the company organized the Spring Opening program of the Year of the Dragon to kick off a year of energetic work with a spirit of enthusiasm, positivity, solidarity, and together strive to excellently fulfill the tasks of 2024.

With the spirit of "enthusiastic labor", after the program ended, all ACE members quickly "started up" to begin work with a focus on swift and decisive action, aiming to improve work efficiency.




And as usual, ICOM still gives lucky money to those ACE members who arrive to work on time on the Spring Opening day. Wishing all ICOMers a Year of the Dragon always looking forward - where opportunities "blossom" for courageous, persevering individuals who never give up!

Happy New Year!



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