International Men’s Day at ICOM

2021-11-19 18:00:00

At the end, the organizers of the "MEN'S DAY '' event would like to send our best wishes to all of you. We hope you have had a lot of fun and new experiences during this. Now, let's take a look at some of our best moments.

On the occasion of the international men’s day, ICOM had a party for the men with the theme "MY MAN CAN - THAT’S MY MAN". The event was supposed to bring a fun and vibrant atmosphere to our office. Once again we hope you have had a lot of fun and new experiences in this event!

Below are some of our best moments: 

1. Super "FUN" gift set: A Tokyo Life branded pillow and a "bold" card that brings laughter and joy to the men, telling them the story of "cultivating" vitamin-rich fruits like bananas, cucumbers... and peppers,…

2. My man can challenge: In the early morning, the men found their partner through puzzle pieces and following the funny instructions doing push-ups while singing, or plank reading anti-epidemic rules,…

3. Confession: Old but gold. This is an opportunity for sisters to send their thanks and thoughts to their male colleagues for a long time.

Although we know that our men are usually simple and not fussy, we still hope that you would appreciate the gift, as we want nothing more than to bring the warmest and fun atmosphere to you. How do you guys feel about the First International Men's Day at ICOM? Please share your feelings through the Confesion link:



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