Christmas is coming to ICOM

2023-12-15 10:52:11

December - the Christmas season has arrived. Over the past three weeks, ICOM members have participated together in Happy Times with the theme of brightening Christmas. Specifically, all members were divided into 07 teams. Each team would select members to participate in weekly mini-games to accumulate ICOM Money, and the team with the most ICOM Money after 3 weeks would be the winning team.

Through many surprising and fun games such as the Christmas Spin, randomly giving ICOM Money to those wearing green/red at work, posing with a Christmas tree, and the final game of DECORATING THE CHRISTMAS TREE (each team preparing and decorating one Christmas tree in their area based on priority criteria: Creativity (handmade, recycled from various materials...); Team spirit (everyone in the team contributes to decorating the tree...); Meaning.), the final rewards found their rightful owners.

First Prize went to the 1st-floor team with a total asset of 3.6 million ICM.
Second Prize went to the 3.2 team with a total asset of 2.2 million ICM.
Third Prize went to the 4.3 team with a total asset of 1.9 million ICM.
Congratulations to all the teams!

And now, let's review the moments when ICOM lit up brilliantly! 




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