Database Administrator


Full time


5 years




+) Job Description

- Install, configure, and administer databases for Fintech service systems.
- Design databases for new applications and create documentation for optimal database deployment, procedural documents, database operation guidelines, and other types of documentation.
- Ensure the stability and efficiency of the database systems to meet business transaction processing requirements.
- Monitor and supervise processes, queries, slow queries, lock tables, etc., to have a thorough understanding of the system's status.
- Design schemas, modify indexes, adjust data structures, and relationships as needed according to business requirements.
- Manage and optimize the performance of data systems to ensure data is always accessible.
- Propose solutions to ensure data security and integrity.
- Collaborate with teams to analyze and provide data reports based on business needs.

+) Job Requirement

- Hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent certifications.
- Have experience working with various database systems such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, etc.
- Previous experience in deploying, managing, operating, and tuning Fintech database systems or large-scale data systems that can handle high concurrent processing and querying.
- Proficiency in troubleshooting and debugging errors, with the ability to promptly address incidents in the database.
- Experience in deploying DB clusters, scaling, or migrating large data systems to ensure scalability and redundancy.

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