Tin tức


13/02/2019, 14:23


a. Airtime Credit
- Air time service provides customers with a method of advance phone money when the money in the account that can not be added immediately. 
- The amount of money advanced and the service charge will be refunded in the next deposit of customers. This amount will be charged directly to the account of the customer. The message is sent via SMS from the service number.

- In addition, customers can use that money converted into value added services used on the phone such as data, voice, SMS, scratch card ...
b. Fund Transfer
- This convenient service helps prepaid mobile customers transfer money in the main account for each other directly on the mobile phone without losing registration fee; message fee, monthly subscription fee.

- It supports other features such as sending money requests, sending messages, greeting cards, free pictures to friends and relativesand participating in the award-winning promotions.
c. E-wallet
- Helping millions of mobile subscribers make online payments with ease and convenience via the phone 

- Announcement of successful transaction results is extremely fast and time-saving.

- Being easy payment for different types of transactions: payment of bills, transfer of funds, withdrawals from banks, between wallets and wallets.