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13/02/2019, 14:22


In 2017, ICOM was honored to become one of the few enterprises in Vietnam to be granted the PayTV license by the Ministry of Information and Communications. Soon after that, ICOM launched the PlayTV service which is an interactive service that allows users to watch live TV channels and entertainment programs on multi-platform from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to televisions. Within the first 8 months of launching, TVPlay reached an impressive record by attracting more than 1 million users.
Let’s see why TVPlay is loved by millions of Vietnamese.
  • Unlimitedly diversified contents for different types of customers
  • Over 50 TV channels (internal and international), including over 20 channels of HD quality.
  • Films/Dramas: From Europe, America, Asia with various types such as action, emotional psychology, humor, animation, adventure, antics, horror, etc.
  • Videos on demand: Music, TVShow, Kids, Sports, Game, etc
  • Interactive features which bring user enormous benefits
  • Automatically selects video quality depending on network speed.
  • Comments when watching VOD.
  • Intelligent content suggestions based on users’ favorites and habits
  • TVPlay is committed to provide our users with quality and copyrighted contents that are licensed from a variety of content producers. Besides, our team is always focusing on creating new contents including updates and news about movies, dramas, hot drama review, etc.
  • For more information, please visit our website: www.tvplay.vn.