Tin tức


13/02/2019, 14:26


a. Adsblock

Our Ad-blocking includes three services:
- Ad-blocking: This service is a powerful and highly configurable content blocking service that comes preloaded with a wide array of ad blocking settings, while also providing users with the freedom to create their own content blocking rules. Users can easily block unsightly ads and social widgets with a flick of a switch, and users can also whitelist specific pages if they want to let content through.
- Parental Control: This service helps parents to have complete peace of mind when giving their children access to the Internet. This service will immediately protect children from inappropriate content, actively manage children’s Internet usage and restrict applications.
- Harmful Content Filtering: The service automatically detects and protects mobile users from malicious web pages, virus that will seek to infect user’s handsets.
For more information, please visit our website: www.adsblock.vn
b. Call management 

Call management is a convenient service that allows mobile subcribers to actively control incoming calls on the list created; divert calls to subcribers in the created lists or actively receive calls as desired, proactively reject calls within a certain period of time at very economical rates.
c. Mobi radio 
-  MobiRadio is a mobile radio service that only requires mobile radio, no Internet, no smartphone, no radio frequency ... The customer can actively monitor live nationwide radio stations, special programs; Keep track of programs by topic, save favorite programs, introduce programs to friends and many other extensions. In addition, customers can enjoy chatting with other on-net subscribers without limiting the call time with preferential rates, sending gifts to friends with love messages, listening to the news The latest in political news of the day, news on agriculture, rural…